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Welcome to PT. MAHMUD MULTI MANDIRI, an exclusive gateway that connects you with the richness of the archipelago through the export of superior products. Here, we are proud to present the best collection from Indonesia: savory Dried Fish, natural Palm Sugar with a distinctive sweetness, fresh green Banana Leaf, and Warrior Oil with an alluring pure aroma.

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Dive into the enchanting realm of PT. MAHMUD MULTI MANDIRI, where the wonders of Indonesia come alive. Our legacy transcends mere export it’s a tapestry of authentic flavors and traditions. From the tantalizing Dried Fish, Palm Sugar, Banana Leaf to the pure essence of Minyak Pendekar, every product whispers tales of Nusantara’s rich heritage. Experience the magic where quality meets tradition, only at PT. MAHMUD MULTI MANDIRI.

Exploration of the Tastes of the Archipelago

In every PT product. MAHMUD MULTI MANDIRI, you will find perfect harmony between tradition and innovation. From tempting Dried Fish, perfectly sweet Palm Sugar, to fresh Banana Leaves and signature Warrior Oil, every item is a reflection of our dedication to the best quality. Presenting the richness of the archipelago with expertise and love, our products invite you to experience the typical and authentic flavors of Indonesia in every dish.

Banana Leaf

Revealing the natural beauty of Indonesia, our Banana Leaf is a symbol of sustainability and tradition. PT. MAHMUD MULTI MANDIRI offers unique fresh banana leaves to enrich your cooking experience, delivering authentic Indonesian aromas and flavors.

Dried Fish

Enjoy our Dried Fish from PT. MAHMUD MULTI MANDIRI — a touch of the Indonesian sea dried to perfection, offering an unforgettable authentic savory taste, taking you on a journey of maritime flavors.

Palm Sugar

In each of our Palm Sugar crystals, taste the rich, natural sweetness that tells the story of the traditional sugar harvest. PT. MAHMUD MULTI MANDIRI brings you into the lap of authentic taste, bringing to life sweet memories from our homeland.

Warrior Oil

The secret to natural power lies in our Warrior Oil. With pure aroma and extraordinary health benefits, products from PT. MAHMUD MULTI MANDIRI depicts traditional heritage that gives strength and freshness to every user.


Real Voices from Authentic Experiences

"I always look for authentic quality Indonesian products to serve traditional family dishes. Thanks to PT. MAHMUD MULTI MANDIRI, their Dried Fish and Palm Sugar are always my top choice. The quality never disappoints, and their website makes the purchasing process so easy and enjoyable. Thank you, MAHMUD!"
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Lina, Traditional Culinary Lover
"As someone who cares about sustainability and local products, I am very impressed with Banana Leaf from PT. MAHMUD MULTI MANDIRI. Not only are the products high quality, but their website also provides in-depth education about the importance of protecting the environment and culture. A place I recommend to everyone!"
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Rizki, Sustainability Enthusiast
"Swordsman Oil from PT. MAHMUD MULTI MANDIRI is truly 'magical'. After trying various similar products, this is the only product that provides long-lasting relief and coolness. Their website is easy to navigate, and their customer service is outstanding. I will remain loyal as a customer!
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julia, Herbal Oil User